Casa di Rosa, the home to take care of yourself

Together against breast cancer. The woman at the center of her health, taking care of herself
with awareness and sharing.

An experiential journey for women after a breast cancer diagnosis in the village of Fiumefreddo.

Casa di Rosa, the home to take care of oneself, is being born inside an ancient building undergoing restoration, financed by the Borgodifiume diffused hotel and managed by the community cooperative..

“When we go to the hospital for a treatment, we don’t talk to each other, at least I don’t, I don’t talk to the other patients, we are there to treat ourselves, the side of sweetness is another thing.”
It is precisely the sweetness, solidarity and conviviality that we want to recreate in this historic building in the village of Fiumefreddo. And so a corner to chat, a sitting room, a library and several workshops to spend nice hours together and share experiences, including courses on food, courses in “human” cooking, therapeutic writing,
meditation, yoga, walks in the village and in the area in search of wild herbs, nature and the sea.
Therefore, an experiential journey for a better quality of life that can translate into more “life time”, to which to give a new meaning.

More and more women around the world recover after a breast cancer diagnosis, but unfortunately healing is not always associated with a real improvement in the quality of life. The woman does not always perceive to be healed and around her, with a problem that can be defined as social, even family members do not perceive this healing.
Gymnastics, meditation, writing healthy food will help to become aware of the lifestyle that is self-care and fight against disease. There is evidence that the risk of recurrence and metastasis is significantly lower for those who lead a healthy lifestyle and food.
The common thread that drives us in nutrition is the search for the genuine healthy; a kitchen where people like the farmer with whom our cooks establish a relationship of trust are essential parts of that “human” cuisine, made of the work of food and wine artisans who make raw materials their art on the plate.o.
There is direct contact with them, we speak the same language, we get in tune and let them inspire us. Humble people who know the hard work of the earth.

We want to help women find themselves and regain self-confidence, through a healthy food style, walks, meditation and wellness sessions, all for self-care.